2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to Lithium-Ion Battery Developers

  • Vincent Battaglia MBA
  • Founder/CEO

Coachella Valley’s residential and commercial solar installation company, Renova Energy, commends 2019 Nobel Prize winners for the development of the lithium-ion storage battery.

The search for a more powerful and more portable battery began in the 1970s during the oil crisis. The battery came from the minds and collaboration of three inventors. One of which, M Stanley Wittingham, began in the ’70s by brainstorming ways to produce energy without using fossil fuels. Wittingham’s work developed the initial positive terminal of the soon to be lithium battery, the cathode. Wittingham continued to work on the battery, using titanium disulfide as the cathode and lithium as the anode. This original battery was extremely lightweight but did not produce as many volts as the future batteries would, and was dangerously explosive in its prototype form. 

Wittingham, along with John B. Goodenough and Akira Yoskino worked together to better the battery and created the rechargeable lithium-ion battery we know today. In 1980, Goodenough improved the battery by using cobalt oxide to boost the battery’s output to 4 volts. It was also his suggestion to use metal oxide rather than sulfide. Using the experimental input and work of both of these men, Yoskino then worked to further flesh out the ideas and created the first commercial lithium-ion batteries in 1991. 

Their hard work and research they completed helped to move technology forward to the mobile devices we use today, such as the cell phone. In addition, their contribution to portable, rechargeable energy-technology is important in the reduction of waste and the future of communication and mobile energy. Because of these contributions, the men were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019. 

What Does This Mean for Renova Energy?

This battery, its developers, and the technological advances in mobile, rechargeable storage batteries are important to Renova Energy because it is this technology that allows us to store solar power. Because of rechargeable storage batteries, solar power that is collected and not used can be saved for later and used when there is no sunlight available. The advancement of mobile, compact and highly-efficient battery power is what makes alternate power sources a viable option for homes and offices everywhere. 

Solar Installation in Coachella Valley: The Future Is Now 

Renova Energy, your Coachella Valley solar installers, continues to find adaptive and innovative ways to get the most out of solar power and the lithium-ion storage batteries we install. From office equipment and computers to kitchen appliances, charging stations and lighting, storage batteries allow you to use the power your solar panels make whenever you choose. Whether your goal is to live as off-grid as possible or you want to help contribute to your community’s power, we can help you build a system that is perfect for your needs. 

Contact our team at Renova Energy today to discuss your solar power needs. 

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