Battery Storage Is Your Next Step To Energy Independence

  • Nate Lewis
  • Chief Revenue Officer

Battery storage is the next step to energy independence, but in the meantime, it’s a great way to enjoy peace-of-mind in the event your power goes out, like a utility brownout, cyber attack, earthquake, or even a car accident that hits a transformer.

With just solar, your system needs to shut off during a power outage to prevent it from sending electricity to the grid while there are workers trying to repair it. However, if you have a solar battery, the energy your solar system produces will be redirected to your battery(ies), sending valuable power to your important appliances/technology. Your fridge can still be running, you can power some outlets to charge your phone and computer, run fans, etc. With two or three batteries, you could power your whole home as the solar produces power during the day and charges your battery(ies) for use at night.

Federal Incentives for Solar Batteries

And if you install an energy storage battery along with your solar system, you can enjoy a 30% Federal Tax Credit on both. There is an additional rebate from Southern California Edison, which together helps make the cost of the solar battery very reasonable.

Work with a Certified Installer in the Coachella Valley

Renova is a Certified Installer for the Tesla Powerwall storage system, as well as Sonnen, the leading battery company out of Germany. There are other batteries out there offered by other solar companies , but to ensure you get the best technology for your money, you should look for a reputable installation company, battery manufacturer, and a strong warranty. Battery installation is more complicated than solar, so a company with a lot of experience in battery installation makes a big difference.

A consultant from Renova Energy can come to your home and help you determine what your energy needs are, what necessities you want powered during an outage, and then recommend the amount of battery storage you would need to accomplish that.

For trusted, experienced solar installation in the Coachella Valley, call Renova Energy today!



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