California Set To Modernized Solar Permitting with Ab.2188

  • Vincent Battaglia MBA
  • Founder/CEO

California awaits for Gov. Jerry Brown's signature of Assembly Bill 2188 after passing the Senate with a vote of 22-1.


The bill, introduced by Assembly Member Muratsuchi, would implement consistent statewide standards to achieve timely and cost-effective installation of  small residential rooftop solar energy systems.


As it is now, the permitting process for the installation of rooftop solar energy systems varies widely between cities and counties throughout the state. These discrepancies become an obstacle to the state's clean energy and greenhouse reduction goals and a burdensome cost to homeowners, businesses and schools, and public agencies.


A standardized permitting process for installations of small-scale solar systems will improve the state's ability to reach its clean energy goals, generate much needed jobs in the state, and help to expand access to lower income households.

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