Coachella Valley Branch of the Us Green Building Council's Inland Empire Chapter Opens in Our Valley!

  • Emily Langenbahn
  • Promotions and Public Relations Manager's official...we were finally able to make the official announcement in front of friends, colleagues and advocates that the US Green Building Council has allowed a Branch of our Inland Empire Chapter to open in our Valley :-D

After almost three years of traveling through the mountain pass into Riverside on a bi-monthly basis I can hold meetings in the Valley amongst those who understand our regionally specific climate issues when it comes to the built environment...and that makes me both very happy and very excited. Over twenty invited guests...including our seven (7) person Steering Committee... attended the Kick-Off Event. And we were even surprised with a presentation of a Certificate of Recognition from Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R-64th District)...what a great day!!!


And to those who were not in worries...we have a long and awesome road ahead that will be full of events, expos and sustainability activities that will make you as proud of being a part of this Branch as I am :-)


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