Energy Storage: the Key To Our Future Safety

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Over the next few months, in Paris and Dubai, more than 190 countries will meet to discuss climate change. The ability to limit carbon emissions and reduce their ecological footprint will depend on their confidence in energy storage.

Why? Because without advanced storage technologies wind and solar are limited. They only work when the wind blows and the sun shines. Governments considering a green energy future have their hands tied. How can a country commit to solar or wind technology if they depend on the weather?

Are Fossil Fuels More Reliable?

The lack of proper energy storage infrastructures hands the fossil fuel industry a huge advantage. They can argue that their noxious liquids are “stored energy” that’s more reliable than wind and solar.

Of course they are wrong. Hurricane Joaquin made the point painfully clear last week. The “once-in-1,000-years” storm caused plenty of power outages. And it didn’t matter whether your home or business was powered by traditional or renewable energy – the power was out.

Lack of storage made everyone equally vulnerable.

Turning the Tide on the Dependence on Fossil Fuels

In extreme weather conditions – which we will continue to see more of as climate change progresses -- the ability to keep critical services such as hospitals and water treatment facilities operating will depend on energy storage.

If scientists and policymakers can develop do-able energy storage models, they can turn the narrative about carbon emissions around. The fossil fuel industry will lose steam. Its claim that emissions are a necessary byproduct of “dispatchable” energy (that is, energy that’s available at all times, sun, rain sleet or snow) will become irrelevant.

Wind and solar will be just as “dispatchable” as dirty fuel. Storage will remove a keystone in the oil & gas industry’s argument.

We’re Closer Than We Think

Solar and wind are already among the cheapest energy sources available. Utilities are being incentivized to adopt clean energy. If they fail to act, more than entropy and vested interests are at play.

Green energy must be perceived as being just as reliable, “dispatchable”, and convenient as fossil fuels. That’s the piece of the green energy puzzle that’s been missing: storage.

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