Important Questions to Ask When Comparing Solar Companies

  • Emily Langenbahn
  • Promotions and Public Relations Manager

With so many companies offering solar, the landscape can be very confusing. Here’s some help on comparing companies to help ensure you understand company attributes correctly…if you like, you can download these questions as a free PDF from our home page.

Important Questions to Ask When Comparing Solar Companies

What panel supplier are you using?  What is their financial stability?

Renova is the Valley’s largest Elite SunPower dealer; SunPower is a NASDAQ listed American company based in Silicon Valley since 1985 with more than 200 patents for solar technology.

How efficient are the panels you are proposing?

SunPower solar panels deliver 44% more power than conventional panels of the same size.  That means fewer panels on your roof, a more attractive array, and room to expand in the future if you get an electric car!

How much of my electric bill will be offset?

In order to offer a competitive price, many installers propose a system that only covers a percentage of your electric usage, leaving you with a bill that will keep getting bigger as electric prices increase.  Renova Solar strives to offset as much of your electric usage as possible to help shield you from ever-increasing electric rates.

What are the credentials of the people designing my system?

Renova Solar employs a staff of certified technicians and engineers, with cumulative experience of more than 62 years.

Are your installers professionally certified?

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) accredits solar installers.  Renova Solar was the first company in North America to be accredited as an entire company.

Are your sales people licensed and insured?

All the sales consultants with Renova Solar are full time employees – not commission only salespeople. Many companies employ salespeople who are not insured or licensed by the State of California Contractors State License Board.

Do you have a program yourself to ensure my panels stay clean and operating at maximum efficiency?

Renova Solar has an in-house divison, RenovaPLUS, that professionally cleans and maintains solar systems, even those built by other companies.  Most other firms in the Coachella Valley outsource this important service, if they provide it at all.

If I have a problem with my system, how quickly can someone be here to address it?

As a local company, we can quickly and easily respond to any issue, many times the same day.

Can you provide me with references?

Renova Solar consistently receive superlative reviews and many referrals from satisfied customers, and can certainly provide you with contact information.  We also have many testimonials on our website.

Are your headquarters local?  How long have you been in the Coachella Valley?  How experienced are you with local governments and planning departments?

Since our entire company has been based in the Coachella Valley since 2006, not just our salespeople, we deal daily with all the cities and utilities and have great working relationships with them.


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