Insist That Imperial Irrigation District Reinstate Their Original Net Metering Program

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Ever since Renova began a decade ago, we’ve considered it our responsibility to inform and educate our neighbors about solar energy. It may not be right for everyone, but you ought to be able to get the facts and decide for yourself.

Now that opportunity is being taken away from all residents within the Imperial Irrigation District because the IID board has decided to abruptly end their original net metering program.

The Problem with IID

As they themselves say on their website, “IID exists to serve the public. The business of IID is, by definition, the people’s business. As a public agency that depends on the consent of the governed, the district’s organizational structure and policy-making function are intended to be as open and transparent as possible.”

That’s clearly not happening. IID continues to make arbitrary decisions or delay any decision at all. As a board, they could easily decide to re-institute net metering, but they don’t want homeowners to save money and generate their own power. Rather, they want to meet government mandates by building solar farms and selling the power at retail. This is just wrong. There is also no board representation for the Coachella Valley portion of the IID’ – how is this fair? 

information on how to contact members of the IID board of directors is on their website at Let them know net metering should be brought back or that they should step down and be replaced by representatives that understand solar and its benefits.

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