Net Energy Metering for SCE Customers

  • Nate Lewis
  • Chief Revenue Officer

Net Energy Metering(NEM) is available to eligible customers with renewable energy generation systems interconnected to the SCE system. Under this rate option, customers can receive a credit for the surplus energy they supply to the electric grid.

With an NEM account, SCE will read your meter once a month and record your energy consumption as well as your energy generation for that month. SCE then determines your net generation (you produced more than you consumed) or net consumption (you consumed more than you produced) for the month.

You will receive a monthly bill outlining your monthly and year-to-date usage and production. You will only be required to pay a small non-energy charge to cover utility taxes and city and county fees each month.

Residential and small business customers will only be required to pay their total due at the end of their 12-month relevant period (annual billing cycle). If your system offsets some, but not all, of your energy needs, it is recommended that you pay part of your current energy charges with your monthly non-energy payment; doing so will help you avoid a large one time payment due at the end of the 12 months.

For customers that generate a net surplus of energy, the value of those credits (known as the Net Surplus Compensation Rate) will be available to you in the form of a check at the end of the 12 months, or you can choose to rollover the monetary value to your next relevant period. On a monthly basis, any excess generation is used to offset kwh purchased from SCE at other times. If there is surplus beyond that, it will be credited to your account at a rate of about 5ยข/kwh.

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