No Medical Diagnosis Without an Exam - No Solar Proposal Without a Thorough Home Site Survey

  • Nate Lewis
  • Chief Revenue Officer

A reputable solar company will want to have a complete understanding of your roof, electrical panel and past electrical usage before generating a proposal for you to sign. Don't be rushed into signing something that may not be customized for your exact needs, or mean you'll have surprises down the road at the time of installation.

Online Images and Computer Programs Can Only Go So Far

There's a lot of great technology and software out there that is used to create a solar proposal, including programs that can see your roof and even calculate your solar savings. And while they're good for an initial indication, those images can be dated.

Trees may have grown up and are now casting shade during some times of the year, items such as new HVAC systems may have been added to your roof, and your electrical panel may need to be upgraded to handle the additional voltage flowing through it.

What to Look for in a Solar Evaluation

The only way to give you a customized, specific proposal with no surprises is for an experienced solar tech to visit your home and measure and check those things, as well as confirm the availability of Wifi for monitoring, and to see if there are any interior anomalies that can’t be seen from Google Earth.

The really good and thorough companies will also take photos of your major appliances that use electricity so they can do an accurate load study. This is also part of the calculation to determine whether or not your current electrical panel is prepared for everything. All this information, combined with your past electrical usage, should be what goes into figuring out how many panels you need, and the optimal location on your roof for them.

Get a Comprehensive Solar Proposal from Renova Energy

What you don’t want are surprises later or worse yet, find out that your panel needs to be upgraded at the last moment. Unfortunately, some solar companies would rather install less solar than you need to offset 100%, rather than take the time to upgrade your electric panel to handle the complete load.

It’s okay if you get a general estimate ahead of time, but you should never sign anything until a comprehensive site survey has been done, the same way a doctor shouldn’t diagnose you without first performing a thorough exam.

A reputable local company like Renova Energy won’t try to cut corners to get you to sign right away. Call us now for a solar proposal anywhere in the Coachella Valley.

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