Patrick Sheehan Promoted to Vice President; Set to Lead Renovaplus Mycrogrid

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Patrick Sheehan has been promoted to Vice President of RenovaPLUS Mycrogrid. As such, he leads a division that focuses on the cleaning, maintenance, and repair of all Renova systems as well as those built by other companies. The RenovaPLUS Mycrogrid team also spearheads the sales and installation of advanced energy storage battery systems.

About Patrick

A graduate of Illinois State University, Patrick has 20 years of construction and design experience. He joined Renova as a sales consultant in 2012 and was quickly promoted to Vice President of Sales.

We are thrilled to have someone who uses his immense knowledge of the company and brings it to life in this new sector of the business,” explained Renova CEO/President Vincent Battaglia. “We are excited to be the only local solar company with an in-house maintenance and repair division and to be on the forefront of battery installation.”

About Renova Energy

The 2015 and 2016 winner for Desert Magazine’s Best of the Valley, Renova Energy was established in 2006 in Palm Desert and is the largest local solar company in the Coachella Valley with an estimated economic impact of greater than $22 million and more than 125 local employees.

Renova Energy manages the entire solar process for residential and commercial customers in the Coachella Valley, from permitting and local installation to ongoing monitoring and maintenance through RenovaPLUS. Call us now for more information!

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