Prosumer: Producing the Energy you Consume

  • Nate Lewis
  • Chief Revenue Officer

It was the American writer Avin Toffler who first coined the term "prosumer" in his 1980 book, "The Third Wave." In the book, Toffler refers to the "professional consumer" as one who collaborates with the producer to improve, if not design, the product they utilize. The term defines a new relationship between customers and producers - one that is much more collaborative and in which the consumer is given more choice. In the renewable energy sense, the prosumer has an even more empowered role; the consumer is also the producer.


Informed consumers look at the lower electric bills, reduced carbon emissions, and independence from energy retailers as strong incentives to switch to solar power. 


In a recent study, the Center for American Progress reported that in Arizona, California and New Jersey - the three largest solar markets for the United States - the majority of solar panels are being installed in homes with median incomes ranging from $40,000 to $90,000. CAP also found that the emerging solar markets in Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York are following these figures closely, with more than 80% of the installations in New York occurring in areas with a median income of $40,000-$90,000. This strongly signals that going solar is not just a thing of the rich; it is a well-educated investment for the American middle-class.  


The future in energy consumption is producing what you consume. New technologies, such as better battery storage, will give the prosumer more options and control over the power they produce, with the potential for grid defection.

SunPower CEO Tom Werner said about the change, "In the next five years, customers are going to decide what they pay the utility." Werner says, "The combination of solar, batteries and energy management will give consumers total control over their energy bills… We see this as the beginning of that journey." 


The prosumer is looking for innovative and customized solutions and services. Renova Solar works with you to analyze your existing energy usage and provides you with customized efficient solutions.  By choosing Renova Solar as your renewable energy partner, you will be embarking on a smooth transition into a better and brighter future.







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