Make Going Solar In 2018 a New Year's Resolution!

  • Nate Lewis
  • Chief Revenue Officer

A New Year’s resolution to go solar isn’t just good for you, it’s good for the environment. Learn how easy it is to make the switch!

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to go solar, or even just to save more money, keep reading, because the higher your average electric bill is, the more you can save.

How Much Can You Save with Solar?

You can enjoy savings at just about any level, but will start seeing real dollars if your bill is at least $150 or more each month. Assuming your roof can accommodate the number of panels that it will take to offset 100% of your energy usage, your payment each month should be 25-45% less than your current average electric bill.

That means, if your current bill averages $300, it could drop to about $200 - $210 each month, which would mean more than $1000 that stays in your pocket the first year. You’ll also benefit from having fixed payments that don’t change during the year, allowing you to budget better.

Advantages of Leasing a Solar System

In addition, the payments won’t change for 20 years if you lease with a Coachella Valley solar company like Renova that installs SunPower panels and uses a SunPower lease. So your savings will also increase based on what you would have been paying as electric costs increase.

And the best part? With a lease, you pay nothing for the installation or a down payment. You will start making payments once your system is evaluated by the utility company and you are given PTO, or Permission to Operate.

High-Efficiency, Low-Maintenance

Because there aren't any moving parts on your system, solar requires very little maintenance. You can rinse your panels off once every few months or you can call a solar maintenance company like Renova to help ensure they are producing as much power as possible.

The other great thing is that with a lease, you will receive a production guarantee, which means if the system produces less than promised, you are compensated for the difference.

Credit score at least 650? Explore your residential or commercial solar options in the Coachella Valley with a free consultation today!


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