Sen. Barbara Boxer visits Renova Energy Corp., talks about small biz legislation

  • Lea Goodsell
  • Vice President of Business Development & Branding

Thomas Hall and Vincent Battaglia give the Senator a tour of the Renova Energy Academy.U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer told employees of a Palm Desert company Friday that she expects progress for small business legislation that had stalled in Congress. "I'm excited about what's happening in Washington," the Rancho Mirage Democrat said about the bill in a news conference at Renova Energy Corp., 75-181 Mediterranean Ave. Boxer said Republican Sen. George V. Voinovich of Ohio had agreed to support the bill, which would allow it to overcome a possible filibuster from other Republicans. News that the bill could be moving toward passage surprised Vincent Battaglia, Renova's chief executive officer. "It couldn't have made me happier," said Battaglia, who has been watching the legislation for months. Battaglia called small business legislation, which includes incentives for small businesses and a loan fund, "the missing piece" in federal stimulus efforts. He said earlier stimulus legislation had enabled job creation for Renova, but small business loans remained elusive. "We are getting no help from our community banks, from the Small Business Administration -- nobody," he said. "None of that was available." Boxer visited Renova on Friday to tout federal efforts to help small businesses and clean energy companies. "We're going to need to embrace this clean energy future, and you're doing it (here)," the senator said. "Renova is a great example of what our economy needs right now. ... Not only are you creating jobs, but you're creating the next generation of clean energy workers."


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