Solar Myths or Fact?

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Test Your Solar Power I.Q.

Most people are clueless about solar. That’s because the field is changing so rapidly! Who can keep up?

Take this test to find out whether you’ve been paying attention.

MYTH OR FACT? Solar technology is new and unproven.  

Myth: Solar goes WAAAAAAY back.......and is already in wide use.

  • The first photovoltaic cells date back to the late 1800s.
  • 1954 saw the first PV silicon cell running electrical equipment.
  • SunPower® (the company Renova uses for solar panels) has been in business for more than 30 years.
  • SunPower® panels are currently powering more than 4.1 million homes worldwide.

There’s nothing new or unproven about solar.

MYTH OR FACT? Solar isn’t cost-effective.


  • The price of solar energy has dropped by 50% since 2010.*
  • Solar is less expensive than conventional energy in many markets including SCE territory in the Coachella Valley.
  • An array of incentives (tax credits, leasing options, surplus energy credits) have lowered the actual cost of going solar.

If you’re a smart shopper the switch to solar can be eminently affordable.

MYTH OR FACT? -  If I get solar, I can live off the grid.

Myth, as of now. This won’t be true until battery storage has been perfected.

However, RenovaPLUS Mycrogrid is already leading the movement toward total energy independence. It’s a battery backup system you can buy NOW that will feed energy collected during the day back into your home at night. No grid, no worries.

RenovaPLUS Mycrogrid will also protect you during brownouts, natural disasters and accidents. And you’ll never have to worry about utility price increases again.

Read all about it here.

MYTH OR FACT? Surplus solar energy is wasted.

Myth: Around the world, surplus energy collected from solar panels is delivered to the grid and solar panel owners are compensated.

In Japan and Europe feed-in tariffs benefit solar panel owners. In most U.S. states, net metering policies credit solar owners for their surplus energy. Owners use these credits to fuel their appliances at night. []

MYTH OR FACT? Solar panels are ugly.

Myth: Today’s solar panels are sleek, compact and fit nicely on roofs.

Besides, what dictates beauty? Fashion. It’s all about perception. And solar energy is getting more fashionable every day – particularly after every climate disaster we see in the news.

At Renova we take particular pride in our nearly invisible mounting hardware and our SunPower® solar panels, which have a distinctively elegant appearance. We also paint conduit to match the surrounding area to help it further blend in.

MYTH OR FACT? Solar panels are fragile and don’t last long.

Total myth! SunPower® solar panels are expected to last for 40 years. They can withstand harsh weather conditions including hail and extreme heat. **

Sold with 25-Year warranties that cover parts and labor, SunPower® solar panels’ ratio of purchases to returns is 20,000-to-1.

MYTH OR FACT? Solar decreases a home’s value.

Myth: A recent study shows home buyers will often pay more for homes with rooftop solar panels.***

MYTH OR FACT? Solar is for hippies and tree huggers.

Myth: Business leaders in America’s brightest, most competitive companies are increasingly choosing to install solar energy systems at their facilities.

Target, Walmart, Apple and Macy’s are among them. Oil companies, governments and schools around the world are making the switch. As demand increases, the world’s biggest banks are providing financing.

Solar is big business. That granola image is a thing of the past.

MYTH OR FACT? - All solar panels are the same.

Myth: There’s a wide variety of panels on the market with varying levels of efficiency, durability, reliability, output and design.

Do some research before buying solar panels. It’s worth investing in top-quality solar hardware. After all, what other technology do you expect to still be working for you four decades from now?

The SunPower® panels Renova uses are the most sustainably produced panels on the market. And they include a 25-year Power and Product Warranty.

Ready to learn more about this clean-emissions free source of power? Call for a free appointment with a Renova Energy consultant. Find out if solar is right for your home or business in the Coachella Valley!

*Source: TheSolar Energy Industries Association.

**Source:  SunPower Module 40-YearUseful Life," SunPower® white paper. 2013.  Useful life is 99 out of 100 panels operating at more than 70% of rated power.  

***Source:  Hoen, B., Adomatis, S., Jackson, T., Graff-Zivin, J., Thayer, M., Klise, G., & Wiser, R. (2015). Selling Into the sun: Price Premium Analysis of a Multi-State Dataset of Solar Homes.  Based on an analysis of homes with and without solar systems in 8 states from 1999 through 2013.  Actual impact on home values will vary.

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