Solar Savings Especially Meaningful for Nonprofits

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We hear a lot about the benefits of solar installation on residential roofs, but some of the most advantageous opportunities exist for nonprofit businesses and organizations who have the ability to put solar on the roof of their building or in the parking lot on elevated ground mounts, which also provide shade.

Gain the Most Benefits by Buying Instead of Leasing

Of course, as with residential solar systems, the greatest savings can be obtained by purchasing a system as opposed to leasing one. After the payback period, assuming usage stays the same, energy costs would be minimal for the remaining life of the system, which could be more than 30 years if a premium panel such as SunPower is installed.

With the addition of a battery system, energy costs could be completely zeroed out. Additionally, financing is now available that allows a nonprofit to enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). With this arrangement, an outside entity owns the system and then enters into an agreement with the nonprofit to purchase the energy it provides at a lower cost per watt than local or state utility companies. The nonprofit spends no money out-of-pocket and can simply enjoy the savings.

Renova Has Installed Many Solar Systems for Nonprofits in the Coachella Valley

In order to provide precise information on the recommended system size and financing options, a solar company should analyze 15-minute interval data from the utility company and conduct an onsite survey (not a satellite view) of the physical area available for a solar system including any restrictions, such as shade.

“We have already installed solar systems on several Boys & Girls Clubs locations, SunLine Transit Agency, a church and have many more scheduled,” explained Devin Wiltbank, Commercial Sales Manager with Renova Energy. “These nonprofits are excited about their savings and the ability to redirect dollars to their programs and services that were formerly going to pay the electric bill.”

Renova Energy was established in 2006 and was the first company in the country to be accredited by NABCEP, a nonprofit which helps set standards in selling and installing solar on behalf of consumers. Reonva was also honored in early 2015 as the SunPower National Residential Dealer of the Year, out of approximately 450 dealers nationwide.

Locally, Renova Energy was awarded Best in the Valley for Solar Companies in 2015, the first year that category was included in the annual Desert Magazine competition. Renova boasts more than 120 local employees and has an estimated economic impact in excess of $24 million.

Contact Renova Energy today for a quote on solar installation for your home, business, or nonprofit.

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