Renova Energy Vice President Thanks the Coachella Valley for the Corporation’s Progress and Expansion

  • Emily Langenbahn
  • Promotions and Public Relations Manager

I’d like to thank the Coachella Valley for making the growth of Renova Energy Corporation possible. The company that I envisioned as my Master’s Thesis to graduate from UCR’s local campus in 2005 has exceeded all my expectations and wildest dreams.

Our Beginnings

As we began, we worked to help families make their homes as energy efficient as possible, guiding them as needed to LED lighting, solar lights, variable speed pool pumps and sometimes solar. We also installed one of the earliest commercial battery systems in the Coachella Valley, in 2008 on a tribal property.

As solar became more accepted, and new programs became available to lease solar systems, we streamlined our focus to concentrate on just solar and became known as Renova Solar.

Expansion With Solar Battery Storage

Now, with the advent of solar batteries, and as a Certified Installer for sonnen and Tesla Powerwall, and soon for Mercedes Benz Energy and LG Chem, Renova will now be known as Renova Energy to more accurately reflect what our company is – a full service energy company offering comprehensive customized Mycrogrid ® solar and battery residential and commercial solutions.

We are keeping the same commitment to quality and customer service from our employee-owned company – just a new name that better reflects our move into our shared renewable future.

Looking to the Future

We’re also putting the finishing touches on our third building, which will house our battery division, along with the people and equipment of RenovaPLUS, our maintenance and repair division.

We’re excited about what the future holds, and the difference Renova Energy is helping our Coachella Valley customers make in their lives and the world at large.

I’m so grateful to all those who have helped us on our journey and to all the Valley cities and people who have embraced renewable energy. We’re excited about our continued expansion and invite you to learn more at

Your renewable future can start today! Give Renova Energy a call and let us be your source for renewable energy in your home and business.


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