The Benefits Of Using Solar Panels

  • Lea Goodsell
  • Vice President of Business Development & Branding

Some people are reluctant when it comes to installing home solar panels because they don’t understand all the benefits. This perception is often based on outdated or inaccurate information. The truth is that solar panels are an excellent alternative energy source for a variety of reasons. Not only do they have a positive impact on the environment, they also end up saving you substantial money. Right away if you lease, and within 6-8 years on average if you purchase. Total savings will be greater if you purchase, but for many, leasing with a fixed payment for 20 years that is substantially less than your existing average electric bill and free installation means savings begin right away with no investment. 

Environmental Impact

Using solar panels to power your home will also dramatically reduce negative impacts on the environment. By not using traditional power you will help keep fossil fuel prices low and combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Fossil fuels used to power most homes are finite, whereas sunshine is unlimited. Consider this: every day the amount of energy the sun shines on the United States equates to more than 2,500 times our entire country’s daily energy usage. Unfortunately we don’t do a great job of harnessing all that potential, as solar power accounts for only about 1% of total electricity .

The average solar power system in the Coachella Valley (10kw for Renova Solar) will save a total of 723,940 lbs of carbon emissions, which is equal to preventing 1,177,923 miles driven in the average car and the equivalent of planting 6.2 acres of carbon-scrubbing trees, which is a more sustainable solution.

Installing solar panels on your home can also help with:

-  Enhancing sustainability

-  Reducing pollution

-  Lowering costs of mitigating global warming

-  Providing a renewable energy source

-  Being environmentally friendly

-  Providing electricity to the grid midday when it’s needed most

-  And much more

Lower Cost

Those not in the know may try to tell you that the cost of having home solar panels installed will never be recouped and therefore not worth utilizing. The fact is solar panels use the sun, which is free, and adds up to significant savings every year, drastically cutting down or eliminating your electricity bills.

On average solar panels will return between two and four times their cost in savings on electricity bills each year. Solar panels will typically pay for themselves completely sometime between 5-8 years after being installed if they are purchased.

 Renova Solar

When you’re ready to install solar panels for your home, . We’ve been in the Desert for 10 years and are the only solar company in the Coachella Valley who purchases electrical components from a local supplier and panels from an American company based in California. Renova was also the first company in the United States to be accredited by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (2012) and has been voted Best in the Valley in 2015 and 2016. Renova was also just named to the Top 50 Residential Roof Installation Companies in the nation by Solar Power World magazine.


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