The "list" is out...interesting revelations...

  • Vincent Battaglia MBA
  • Founder/CEO

those who top the list advertise their "green-ness" the most. Think that they are trying to hide something or say something?


Top Emitters of Greenhouse Gases in California, 2008 (in metric tons)


1. Chevron Refinery, Richmond: 4,792,052

2. Shell Oil Refinery, Martinez: 4,570,475

3. BP Refinery, Carson: 4,504,286

4. Chevron Refinery, El Segundo: 3,603,446

5. Dynegy Power Plant, Moss Landing: 2,962,149

6. Exxon Refinery, Torrance: 2,852,374

7. Valero Refinery, Benicia: 2,796,057

8. Tesoro Refinery, Martinez: 2,703,145

9. Southern Calif. Edison-Mountainview Power Plant, Redlands: 2,697,142

10. La Paloma Power Plant, McKittrick: 2,544,398


Source: California Air Resources Board


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