The Middle East of Renewable Energy; Southern Ca as

  • Lea Goodsell
  • Vice President of Business Development & Branding

In looking back over the past four (4) years in the developing solar industry there have been many players and Sooth Sayers that have come and gone.  I read a good collection of thought the other day from Mr. Bob Hargreaves of BB&K...great words.  That we are really establishing a "Middle East of Renewable Energy in our backyard..." well put Bob and it helps bring things into a realistic perspective.  What I sincerely hope it does not bring is the turmoil that the similarity might create.  A map of "first" approved solar / utility scale projects is below: this map shows territorial potential though if we develop this way I guarantee turmoil.  I guarantee that all of the positive musings connected to a "Renewable Middle East" will be dashed by continued Utility monopolistic energy dominance, transmission faults and true bureaucratic trait.  Building large builds large problems.  Centralizing the solar potential centralizes our region as a target for concentrated rate increases by those dominant Utilities to offset infrastructure rehabilitation and help them grow a bureaucracy.  There is no community in bureaucracy.  There is less of everything and more cost to get there. Solar photovoltaic potential was, is and will always be a "decentralized" answer.  Distributed generation is the actualization of solar generation potential over a territory and the natural, intelligent way to convert and supply current to a increasingly demanding community.  The map above is a nice example of the folly of a few...the map below: is the visual that allows us to see the nature of the solar potential available freely to all that live in the region...and what is available to be generated by and give direct benefit to, the majority who occupy that space.  The more solar radiation captured and used by the majority is naturally the status is the state in which the majority is naturally determined to live.


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