What Is a Microgrid?

  • Emily Langenbahn
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Microgrid technology is revolutionizing the residential solar industry. Learn how to make your home energy independent with a microgrid today!

What is a Microgrid?

Let’s start with the definition. A microgrid is a system which includes a renewable energy source, such as solar, coupled with advanced energy storage—most often batteries.


Solar technology is evolving faster than ever, and the existing photovoltaic technology in solar panels generates more power than your home or business will immediately need to use. Adding a battery system allows you to store the excess energy generated from your rooftop solar panels instead of feeding all the excess energy to the utility grid. Without a battery system, your solar panels remain dependent on the utility grid, meaning if there is ever a power outage in your area, your solar panels will not continue generating power for your home or business.


How Can A Solar Battery System Help?

With a battery system in place, you gain energy independence from the utility company, meaning you no longer have to rely on their powerlines to feed excess solar-generated power back to your home or business. Solar panels and battery storage work together to create a microgrid by generating and storing its own electricity, or better known with Renova Energy, Mycrogrid®.


What is a Microgrid by Renova Energy?

Mycrogrid® is a Renova Energy branded microgrid launched specifically to design, engineer, manufacture, and install components related to microgrid energy systems. A battery paired with your solar panel system means that when homes around you are suffering without power, your home has a dependable backup in place. What would you want to power in the event of an earthquake or grid attack? Consider the following:

  • Your refrigerator
  • Your garage door
  • Medical equipment
  • A phone charger


At Renova Energy, our Coachella Valley solar panel installation company works with you to determine the appropriate size battery for your own Mycrogrid®.


Trust Our Coachella Valley Solar Team—We’re Here for You!

Because Renova Energy designs and installs every Mycrogrid®, each system is customized for each customer’s needs so your energy needs are secure. Renova Energy is also a Certified Installer with Tesla Powerwall and a Generac Power Partner.


Learn more about solar and battery storage with a Renova Energy Mycrogrid® or call one of our Palm Desert solar consultants today!

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