When the Dust Settles...

  • Nate Lewis
  • Chief Revenue Officer

When the dust settles, and the "Low Cost Solar" schemes with their poor quality installations, poor follow-up and Customer service and discontinued materials are all used up and run out of town...Renova will be here. And, as is the case in the first stage of all burgeoning home improvement industries, the Brokers will be uncovered for the opportunists that they really are...and the Consumers, who know and prefer quality over fluff, will justly discover that the One Blocking of Of Gridding (whatever that really means) is truly the Up-sell, Bait and Switch marketing that they intuited....and Renova will be here.


We will be here for our Desert Community to help explain what happened, why it happened and most importantly to assist in repairing the damage done. We look forward to it...it excites our team...we plan on it. We take the long term view that self generation of Renewable Energy is not like buying window coverings or bulk toilet paper. It is a large ticket purchase at the moment with many moving parts and though it might look easy to integrate into our lives it must be managed responsibly as with anything worth doing right. It is a long term phenomena that will not go away as our world shrinks and we become ever conscious of our fragile planetary systems, our fragile cultural ties and the fragile reserves of harmful, non-renewable materials we have exploited into high cost status. We will never live the way that we had become accustomed to...please get accustomed to that. No worries though as we will move ahead together and find new, more fulfilling ways to derive satisfaction from our relationship to the planet.


The Renova mission that Thomas and I share with our Customers, Colleagues our friends and our Students is that it does matter how you ease into the new energy economy and it does matter how responsible you are when you chose renewable energy as a way of life. Please make the decision to eliminate energy waste in your life and go solar though not at the expense of vetting the people who you hire to manage that conversion for you...because this is your life...this is not a scheme that you live and you deserve the right of respect.


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