Why the Panels Are the Most Important Part of Going Solar

  • Matthew De La Torre
  • Vice President of Engineering


In the excitement of going solar, some forget to ask the most important question – what panel are you putting on my roof? They compare company YELP reviews, talk to friends and neighbors, and discuss pricing, but the first question should always be about the panels themselves – whether you are buying or leasing.

Why? Because conventional panels don’t produce as much electricity so you need more of them on your roof, which can have several impacts. 1) You may not have enough room to offset 100% of your electrical usage. 2) You may pay more because they will take longer to install. 3) You may have a less attractive array 4) They will degrade faster, which means they will become less efficient at a faster rate than a premium panel.

Your goal should always be the system that offsets as much of your electrical usage for as long as possible. If you are exploring a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA, you may be told that the panel doesn’t matter, because you are only buying the electricity that they produce, but some of the above impacts will still be relevant, and as they degrade, there will be less “cheap” power to purchase.

SunPower panels are the world’s most efficient and advanced panels, and each panel produces more electricity than any other panel made. This means that when all the calculations are done for the 20+ years you will have a solar system, that systems built with SunPower panels almost always save consumers the most money.

Paired with a local dealer like Renova Solar, consumers have the best of everything. A premium panel and a local company that understands the desert heat and its effect on equipment, and how to work with HOAs, cities and utilities. You can also feel good that your money is staying in the community and making our local economy stronger for everyone.

Renova Solar is the only SunPower Master Dealer in the Coachella Valley and was recently named SunPower Residential National Dealer of the Year out of more than 450 dealers nationwide. Named Best of the Valley in 2015, Renova was also the first company in the country to be accredited by NABCEP, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, a non-profit whose goal it is to train solar installers and salespeople to meet the highest standard to the benefit of consumers.





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