3 Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips

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Renova Energy reminds you that there are multiple ways to save energy usage this holiday season! Read our blog for some helpful tips!

It’s always a good idea to be energy savvy, especially during the holidays when we tend to use more while hosting family and friends. Here are some tips to lessen your energy usage so you can save up for those extra holiday gifts for yourself!

  1. Be Mindful When Using Your Fridge 

Open and close. Open and close. Your fridge can be an energy-intensive appliance, especially when it has to work overtime to cool back down after losing lots of cold air. Try to plan ahead and determine what you need to remove from your fridge. Then, take it all out at once so the door doesn’t remain open any longer than necessary. 

  • Make sure both doors close tightly and that seals are in good condition. Weak seals can result in leaks, and that can mean extra energy to keep everything cold as well. 
  • Check to see what temperature the fridge is set to. Are some groceries in the back of your refrigerator freezing? It may be time to adjust the temperature just a bit.
  • Lastly, let leftovers cool off before you put them in the fridge. In doing so, your refrigerator doesn’t have to work hard to cool the food down to room temperature before it cools it down further. 

(Helpful Hint: With solar, you’re paying less any time you use your fridge anyways!)

  1. Be Efficient When Using the Oven

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’re probably going to be using your oven a lot. Here are some simple practices so you can cook all day without worrying about an increase in your electric bill. 

Cook side dishes at the same time as the turkey. You’ll save both time and energy. And now’s the time to use your oven’s convection settings. 

  • Use ceramic or glass pans to increase cooking efficiency and lower your energy usage as well. 
  • Avoid opening the oven door as much as possible to keep heat from escaping. 
  • Ask a guest to help clean the oven if it needs it, rather than using a lot of energy with the oven’s self-cleaning feature. 

(Helpful Hint: Food will taste even better when you and your guests know the cooking is powered with clean, renewable solar energy.)

  1. Go Play Outside!

Turn off the TV and go play outside. Toss a football, kick a soccer ball, or throw a Frisbee. It always feels more like a holiday with an outside activity, even if it’s just a nice brisk walk before the meal (and that means not as many people opening the fridge looking for snacks either). And whoever’s cooking the turkey can appreciate some space in the kitchen. Of course, all that running around is sure to work up an appetite. While you’re outside, look up! Your free power is waiting. 

At Renova Energy, our Coachella Valley solar installation team can help you save this holiday season. Start saving by taking advantage of electricity powered by the sun! Call us!

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