Solar Batteries a Lifesaver When the Power Goes Out

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If the power goes out for any reason, and you only have solar, your power will shut down too. But with a battery paired to your solar, you can continue to live comfortably.

If the power goes out for any reason and you only have solar, the power at your house will shut down too. But with a battery paired to your solar, you can continue to live comfortably through blackouts and brownouts.

Misconceptions About Solar & Power Outages

There is a misperception that if you have solar and there's a power interruption because of a blackout or other cause, you will continue to have power. Unfortunately, that's not true. During a power outage, your solar will be shut off because it of the danger of pushing electricity onto the grid while repair attempts are being made.

And while most of us can make arrangements for a few hours, if a transformer is hit, an earthquake occurs, or the electric grid is hacked, we could experience a much longer time without electricity.

However, if you install a battery like the Tesla Powerwall, your solar system will redirect its power away from the grid to your home and send any extra electricity to your battery to keep it charged. That way, you will have power during the day and night. Your solar system will continue to charge your battery and power your home and you will be comfortable for the duration of the outage.

Interested in learning more about the potential for solar batteries? Call Renvoa Energy today for a quote on solar panel or battery installation in the Coachella Valley.

Can a Battery Really Power My Whole House?

If you buy enough battery power, everything in your home can be powered, including your air conditioning. However, most people who install batteries choose to prioritize their most critical energy needs, like their refrigerator and the outlets in their main rooms.

A small portable air conditioner could be deployed for the room you’re in, and you’ll have enough power to be comfortable with just one battery. If you want more comprehensive power available to you, it would probably install two batteries.

Don’t Wait! Get the Most Out of Your Solar With a High-Capacity Battery

If you already have solar in the Coachella Valley, it should be no problem to integrate a battery with your system. And if you're looking to add solar, it's a good time to learn about your battery options as well. An experienced company like Renova, a Certified Installer for Tesla, can come out and speak with you about your needs and recommend the right sized battery for you and your home. You may also be eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit, which together can lower the cost of your battery substantially.

Contact Renova Energy today to learn about all available solar options for your Coachella Valley home.


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