SunPower Solar Panels Granted Tariff Exemption

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The tariff placed on solar panels can certainly add to the cost of conventional panels, but SunPower panels have been granted an exemption, so now the best panel is also still the best value.

If you're worried that the tariff placed on solar panels in February has made them more expensive, here's some background and the newest development. The tariffs, which started at 30%, will go down each year before a complete phaseout after four years.

Why is There a Tariff on Solar Panels?

These tariffs took effect February 7th and cover crystalline silicon solar products, the most common material used in solar panels. Two solar companies asked for “protection” because they believed foreign governments were subsidizing their industries and flooding the market with low-cost products. However, most of the disruption is being felt by companies involved with utility-scale projects, the large solar farms where panel prices are a crucial variable.

Why is SunPower Exempt from Tariffs?

Companies that use SunPower panels are currently not being affected by the tariff. SunPower is the only solar manufacturer that was granted an exemption to the tariff due to its superior and patented cell design. Contractors that use SunPower panels do not have to pass any costs on to the customer. 

SunPower Panels Provide the Greatest Value to Consumers Today

Not only is the SunPower cell technology different, it’s much better. Which is why a SunPower panel is a lot more efficient that a conventional panel. What does that mean for you? It means that you’ll need fewer panels on your roof to create the same amount of electricity.

SunPower is an American company with a 25-year comprehensive warranty on their panels, so that’s a huge benefit as well.

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