4 Important Aspects of Solar Panels—SunPower Has it All!

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It's confusing with all the different claims being made by all the different installers about the panels they carry. Learn about the four major aspects so you can decide what's best for you, and then find the best company to install them.

With all the competing claims about different solar panels, and some installers not even revealing what panel they will be using, it can be hard to navigate which solar panel system is best for you. Our Coachella Valley solar panel team has provided four main points to understand so you can ask the right questions before deciding on a certain company or system.

1.     Efficiency

The more electricity each panel makes, the fewer you need on your roof. SunPower’s panels are the most efficient, and not just based on what they say but based on extensive third-party testing.

2.     Degradation

It is crucial to evaluate how quickly each panel will lose efficiency. SunPower panels have the slowest degradation rate in the industry. In fact, SunPower guarantees that after 25 years, their panels will still produce an amazing 92% of the original amount of energy.

3.     Warranty Timeline and Coverage

It is important to consider the warranty and how comprehensive is it. Does it include parts and labor? Is there someone in the area to service or repair it if necessary? SunPower panels have the most comprehensive warranty around as it includes 25 years for parts and labor. In addition, RenovaPLUS is in the Coachella Valley and ready for any issues that arise with SunPower panels.

4.     Solar Panel Company History

It is wise to consider the location of the solar panel company as well as the history of the company. SunPower is an American company located in the Bay area for more than 30 years with 800 solar patents.

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To speak with a Coachella Valley solar installation specialist who has extensive knowledge on SunPower panels, call Renova Energy!

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