How Do Time-of-Use Rates Affect Solar Customers?

  • Nate Lewis
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When you switch to solar with Southern California Edison, you are automatically switched to a Time-Of-Use plan. It's crucial that you work with an installer who understands how this will impact everything from projected savings to the actual placement of your solar panels.

When you move to solar energy, Southern California Edison changes your rate structure to Time-Of-Use (TOU). That means that instead of charging for the electricity used monthly, Southern California Edison will measure when you use electricity. The amount you are charged is based on the time of day your household consumes energy.

For example, power used from 8am-2pm and evenings after 6pm is less expensive with the TOU-D-T rate, which has a peak of 12-6pm rather than 2-8pm. Right now, solar customers are switched to this rate structure when they add solar. In 2019 and 2020, every Southern California Edison customer will abide by this new structure.

Does This Mean I Should Switch to Solar Soon?

It may be wise to transition to solar energy soon as the timeframe for good pricing will change in March. By switching to solar soon, you can lock in a favorable TOU rate for the first five years. In addition, it is wise to speak with an experienced Coachella solar installation company who understands the various rates and their impacts, and can install panels on your roof so you can maximize solar energy production.

With this new structure, you can ensure your solar panel system produces enough power at the right times with the right amount of credits in order to limit the amount of electricity used during the most expensive times. For example, with the new structure, you can wash clothes and dishes at night and charge your electric car or golf car overnight when rates are the cheapest.

Why Does the Rate Structure Keep Changing?

The utility companies are doing what they can to integrate solar into the grid and create rates to their advantage. However, it is important to note that solar will still reduce your electric bill. Those who have a solar battery installed can reap even more savings benefits.

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