Women in Solar Continues to Increase

  • Aaron Gamez
  • Vice President of Human Resources

Currently, women represent about 24% of the workforce in solar, up from 19% just a couple of years ago.

Currently, women represent about 24% of the workforce in solar, up from 19% just a couple of years ago. Of course, as with other physically demanding jobs, women are at a disadvantage in terms of the jobs actually installing solar, as some of the positions entail being able to carry a module up a ladder to the roof of a home. However, there are many other positions in the solar industry where women are helping to make a big difference during this paradigm shift to renewable energy.

Renova has our first female solar tech, which means she goes to the homes of interested customers and gets up on the roof to do measurements as well as determine shade with a specialized instrument that calculates the amount of shade year round. We also have women in charge of our maintenance division, as our CFO, as VP of Project Management, VP of Business Development and more.

Members of Renova’s staff will also be attending the Women’s Empowerment West Coast Summit, which is the result of a joint initiative created through a partnership with the national non-profit Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) and the Oregon chapter.

Interested team members will also be able to join WISE, Women in Solar Energy, which was started in 2011. This national non-profit is the networking center point of the solar energy industry, united towards advancing women in all aspects of the industry and promoting diversity and forward-thinking business practices. This is done through advocacy, strategic partnerships, education, networking and events.

To learn more about the opportunities available at Renova, please visit the Careers section of the Renova website!

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