Solar Savings Flow to the Bottom Line of Your Business

Commercial Solar Installation in the Coachella Valley

Whether you own a business or are in the process of starting a new business, you can save on operating costs by switching to solar. The amount of money you save on energy costs can be invested in your business or improve your bottom line. Our Coachella Valley commerical solar installation team is ready to help.

Purchasing vs Leasing a Commercial Solar Panel System

At Renova Energy, we understand every business has different needs, so we provide purchasing, leasing, and Power Purchase Agreement options:

  • Purchasing: Enjoy 26% federal income tax credit, larger long-term savings, a 25-year comprehensive warranty from SunPower, protection from future rate increases, and more!
  • Leasing: Take advantage of immediate savings, no down payment, free installation, fixed payments for 25 years, a guaranteed energy production from SunPower, and protection from future rate increases.
  • Power Purchase Agreement: Enjoy the savings so you can invest in your business. With a PPA, a third-party purchases the system and pays Renova Energy to install it. You agree to a cost for the electricity generated by the systems. This expense is less than your current payments.

If you are considering purchasing or leasing a commercial solar panel system, call our Palm Desert commercial solar installation team at 760-568-3413 and we can provide honest suggestions and a free quote!

Cost-Effective Rooftop, Shade, and Carport Solar in Coachella Valley

Our SunPower commercial solar panel systems can be mounted on rooftops or elevated ground mounts, which provide shade for people and vehicles. Renova Energy can help you explore both options and decide which one works best for you.

If choose to have the system installed on a carport structure, we will solicit bids from various companies in order to find you the most cost-effective option to pair with your new commercial solar panels.

Call our Coachella Valley carport solar team today at 760-568-3413! We are ready to make your space efficient!

Parking shade structure covered in solar panels
commercial building with solar panels

Take Advantage of Tax Credits

By switching to solar for your business, you can enjoy 26% federal income tax credits, dramatically lowering your actual cost!

Make Your Customers Comfortable

Offering customers a shaded parking lot makes your business a more desirable destination, even during the hottest months!

Make Your Business a Clean Energy Leader

As a renewable energy leader, your business joins some of the largest companies in the country with a stated dedication to a clean energy future. Your customers and employees will appreciate a corporate culture that demonstrates a concern for the environment.

Green Solar Energy

Renova Energy and Sunpower logos

You want the best value for your business, and Renova Energy provides it with SunPower solar panels. With their patented Helix® system, you get an aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting system on your roof or carport, all covered with a 25-year comprehensive warranty!

SunPower: An Industry Leading Solar Manufacturer


Up to 70% more efficient than conventional solar panels.


Backed by an industry leading 25-year combined power and product warranty that also covers labor.


SunPower Panels are rated the most durable panels available and withstand all weather conditions.

Businesses and Organizations That Have Stepped Up To Solar