What Will You Do with Your Solar Savings?

Residential Solar Installation in the Coachella Valley


  • Larger long term savings
  • 26% Federal Income Tax Credit
  • 25-year comprehensive warranty from Sunpower
  • Increased home value
  • Protection from future rate increases with right-sized system
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  • Immediate savings
  • No down payment and free installation
  • Fixed payments for 25 years
  • Guaranteed energy production from SunPower
  • Protection from future rate increases with right-sized system
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More Options

  • HERO/PACE - Finance through property taxes
  • No credit score required
  • Interest may be tax deductible
  • You may also choose to finance with SunPower or through a home equity loan
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How Much Can I Save on Utilities By Going Solar?

On average, utility rates increase 3% each year, making solar power one of the most affordable forms of electricity. When you purchase a solar system for your home, you can start saving immediately as Renova Energy never uses escalators in our financing.

The Difference Between Leasing and Buying Solar

Purchasing a system often results in larger savings as most systems pay themselves off in as little as five years. When your SunPower system has paid for itself, you and your family can enjoy free power for 30 years or more! Not interested in purchasing right away? No problem! If you lease a SunPower system, you can enjoy the benefits of unchanging payments for 20 years, unlike those of utility companies. You can also use a SunPower loan with no money down and free installation, just like the lease.

Ready to start saving by buying or leasing a SunPower system? Click the Find Out More button below or call our Coachella Valley residential solar installation team at 760-568-3413 for your free quote! We provide affordable financing.

Sunpower Solar Panel Installations

Why Renova Energy Uses SunPower Panels

SunPower panels are known to be the most advanced, efficient panels on the market. Additionally, the extensive life expectancy of SunPower panels (40 years) makes these panels the perfect fit for any home.

By using these panels, our Coachella Valley solar team can typically offset 100% of our customers’ energy needs. This means customers can eliminate the generation charge of their utility bill (the portion billed by usage) if usage is consistent.

Renova Energy Makes SunPower Panels Affordable

At Renova Energy, you have the option of purchasing or leasing SunPower panels.

  • Purchasing SunPower Panels: You can enjoy free power for more than 30 years after your SunPower system has paid for itself.
  • SunPower Loan: Take advantage of $0 down, free installation and a competitive interest rate.
  • Leasing SunPower Panels: Our team allows you to enjoy the benefits of solar with $0 down, free installation, and fixed payments for 20 years.

How Solar Works

  • 1
    Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity.
  • 2
    The inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC) electricity.
  • 3
    The utility meter measures the energy you draw and feed back to the grid. The electrical panel sends power to your lights and appliances.
  • 4
    The production of your solar system is monitored by SunPower and Renova Energy

Renova Energy and Sunpower

How Do SunPower Panels Work?

SunPower panels work simply and efficiently, giving customers the satisfaction and savings they deserve. Here are the three steps of a SunPower panel:

  1. The energy produced by the sun is channeled through copper located on the back of the module.
  2. The energy is directed to the inverter on the solar panel itself.
  3. The current changes from DC to AC and allows it to power your home.

This advanced technology avoids "screenprinted" metal on the front of your panel, which ultimately breaks down in extreme heat.

What is the Life Expectancy of SunPower Panels?

Because of SunPower’s advanced technology, the life expectancy of a SunPower panel is up to 40 years, and they are guaranteed to produce 92% of the original amount of power after 25 years. No other panel even comes close.

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SunPower: Leading The Industry


Up to 70% more efficient than conventional solar panels


Backed by an industry leading 25-year combined power and product warranty


SunPower Panels are rated as the most durable panels available and withstand all weather conditions, including the extreme heat of the Desert.